Degustation of the new FIND ME wine series at the „Interfoods and Drinks“ forum at the Inter Expo Center

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BLACK SEA GOLD’s new FIND ME wine series was presented at a special master class on the theme „Bread, wine and a little chocolate“. The presentation was part of the program of the international forum dedicated to the food industry, which included „Mesomania“, „World of Milk“, „Bulpek“, „Interfood and Drink“ and „Salon de Wine“.

Black Sea Gold received a special plaque from the National Union of Bakers and Confectioners in Bulgaria. Marijana Kukusheva, President of the Branch Union, presented the award to Yordan Chorbadzhiyski, Executive Director of the winery, together with a votive plaque of god Dionysus – patron of viticulture, winemaking, fertility and merriment in ancient Greek mythology.

The audience was attended by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry – Yavor Gechev, journalists and guests of the exhibition.

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